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The Total Value Proposition (TVP) that a company delivers to market includes but is so much more than just the basic product or service that the customer buys or the prospect will receive if they were to buy from you.

It incorporates everything that goes along with the product being sold and includes such things as: delivery, training, set up, servicing, warranties, rebates, costings for related items required to use the products (e.g. Toner for laser printers) and replacement value when items are eventually turned over.

As such the TVP looks at the total cost and value of what it will take to purchase the product, run the product and ultimately dispose of the product and potentially renew the product with another product as needed.

It is this more global perspective on cost and the value built in to it that allows a creative business to incorporate additional value added goods and services and through this process, significantly differentiate itself in a meaningful and sustainable way from key competitors in the market place.

This seminar will address all these concepts and through the use of real world examples help your business develop both a greater understanding and appreciation for the role of Total Value Proposition, as well as to be able to formulate a more impressive and valuable TVP for your target audience.

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