The Matching Process

The Perfect Alignment Between Your Business and Your Market


Once a business segments its market into a number of possible segments that may potentially be targeted, it then needs to decide which of these segments are the most viable and therefore, hold the greatest potential for their business.

To establish this a matching process is conducted where the business quite literally matches its? own internal strengths, weaknesses and available resources against the needs that the prospective market niche requires to effectively have its needs met.

These stated or as yet unstated needs will carry with them a number of must have, key success factors that any business operating within this niche will require to be successful or at very least competitive.

From this point the business will be able to match its internal resources against these key success factors and for each potential submarket, determine both how well aligned they currently are to effectively compete in that niche today, as well as what additional changes would need to be made moving forward if they were not currently well placed to compete in that space now.

This seminar will again guide your business through a step by step approach designed to aid you in determining what the critical requirements are for each niche and determining how well place the business is to cope with these market demands.

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