Brittany Walters-Bearden

I found this program to be incredibly helpful. I wish that I had gone through this program when I was a new business owner, so that I could have made the last few years of my life more productive, and I strongly urge any new business owner to take the time to do so. For anyone who doesn’t feel like they have the time to do this program, ask yourself if you have the time not to. For me, several hours (plus the additional time I spent in coaching with Matthew) could have saved me several...

Bharat Chopra

I work with lots of coaches and teachers. The quality of this course and the depth of content far exceeds what can typically be found on the interweb.

Derek Lewis

Dan and Matt?s advice has been invaluable. I wasn’t seeing the success I wanted in my business, but I couldn’t figure out what to do. In just one phone call, they helped me sort through my challenges and decide on a course of action. Just two short weeks later, I’ve already grossed almost half my previous year’s sales. What a phone...

Marc Smith

The videos do look great. The animations compliment the words very well. After watching all the online training (lots) I have to confess that I now use most of the techniques that you spoke about in the videos and it does work. Even the process of how people view our website was altered to suit some of the things you spoke about. We began using heatmaps on the site to track the popular areas of the pages. The first heat spot is dedicated to building trust, the second to ‘Set the Scene’ then the 3rd to show what we can do better than anyone else on the 3rd interaction. Pretty...

Fred Bonaventura

I have been in business for many years and I don?t think I?ve heard the issues articulated so clearly and discussed with such insight. A must have for any business looking for an edge.