Scripting the Sale

A Step-by-Step Guide to Sales Systematisation


The best sales calls have a number of must cover components that when done consistently well in any given call, will result in the most engaged and invested customers and prospects.

The 5 key components are:

1. Building trust and rapport ? Breaking the Ice

People like to deal with like-minded individuals. It is important therefore to establish rapport between yourself and the customer in the early stages of your interaction.

2. Introducing a product and agenda ? Setting the Scene

Customers are eager and perhaps even a little apprehensive about the salesperson?s agenda. Letting the customer know your agenda and the steps you will follow is key to a relaxed sales call.

3. Asking a probing question ? Finding Unmet Need

Finding the customer?s unmet need is the most important step in the sales process. Probing questions lets you identify, highlight and amplify business and personal needs as well as helps you to understand how your product or service assists the customer with their stated needs. The use of probing questions is about letting the customer tell you what you need to know as a basis to be able to sell your product too them.

4. Relating product features to benefits ? Providing Solutions

A salesperson conveys the key features of the product or service and the accompanying, relatable benefits that can solve the customer?s issue. They then introduce stories of other customers their product or service has helped in the same way.

5. Trail close and asking for the sale -?Gaining Commitment

Trail close and asking for the sale ? testing the water with a question like ?so would a day or night session work best for you?? Then if the customer answers positively move along to paperwork. On the other hand if the customer responds with something like ?oh I?m not ready to decide yet?. You can simply state ?you were just trying to get an idea of what would work best for them?, and go back to step four and further highlight how your product or service will fill their unmet need.

This critical seminar will discuss each component thoroughly and fully explore what it is, it?s function within he sales call, how it sounds and how it links to the other stages of an effective sales call. Plus in this session you will also obtain real and practical that you can use to model your own presentation to help improve your sales right away.


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