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The Relationship Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing ?is a process whereby you are able to confirm the demand for something before you begin manufacturing or buying the product, whereas a sales approach assumes the demand for that product is there in the marketplace.

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Segmenting the Market

Segmentation occurs when an organisation wants to break up an entire market into several smaller parts or submarkets. These smaller submarkets are referred to market segments. This is a desirable thing to do for a couple of important reasons.

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Finding the Unmet Need

To find that aspect or part of the need that despite the availability of rival, competitive options, remains unsatisfied and therefore an area of concern for the customer and importantly, an area of great opportunity for your business.

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The Matching Process

Guide your business through a step by step approach designed to aid you in determining what the critical requirements are for each niche and determining how well place the business is to cope with these market demands.

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Targeting and Positioning for Our Niche

This seminar will take you through the steps required to confidently target and align your business to the right segments, and subsequently how to effectively position itself to attract customers from that niche.

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Total Value Proposition

The Total Value Proposition (TVP) that a company delivers to market includes but is so much more than just the basic product or service that the customer buys or the prospect will receive if they were to buy from you.

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Demystifying the Sales Process

Although it has become almost a clich?, it remains true that no one plans to fail but so often they do fail to plan and in an environment that is already so completive and intrinsically stressful for sales people it becomes critical to logically outline what you communication objectives are for the sales call and how they will go about delivering the content during the call.

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Scripting the Sale

The best sales calls have a number of must cover components that when done consistently well in any given call, will result in the most engaged and invested customers and prospects.

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Pre-Presentation Planning & Post-Presentation Review

Focusing on the underpinning principle that before and after each call it is crucial to plan and review the call to incorporate the driving principle of continuous improvement.

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Putting the Pieces Together

Bringing it All Together: Salient Points from Each Module.

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