Pre-Presentation Planning & Post-Presentation Review

What We Do Before and After The Sales Call


This seminar is focused on the underpinning principle that before and after each call it is crucial to plan and review the call to incorporate the driving principle of continuous improvement.

From a Precall planning stage it is imperative to take a few minutes to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve in that call. For this, the sales person would typically set up:

  • A primary call objective: The desired outcome that if all goes to plan will be the result of the discussion or sales call.
  • A secondary objective: The less preferred but still valuable outcome that will result if despite not being able to fulfil the preferred outcome, delivers an interim step that will help build a bridge to that longer term goal.

Besides the actual outcomes listed above, the other key component of the Pre presentation plan is to focus on a specific skill or component of the selling process (outlined in module 8) and to write out how it should ideally be delivered in practice.

This will give you the template and standard against which your sales person can compare their actual delivery against an ideal presentation.

Indeed after the presentation is completed it becomes critical to routinely and systematically review the call that has just occurred and compare it to what we wanted to achieve in the call.

By comparing actual to planned performance we would then be able to find any deviations from expected outline and by extension any aspects of the call that we may not have executed properly during the call.

Of course this is the area where the greatest learning and personal development can occur when a sales person has both the evidence of where the call may have failed to meet expectations, coupled with the motivation that comes from not achieving the desired goal during that sales call.

Through this ongoing process a series of ongoing refinements will continue to update, smooth out and polish the complete skill set of any sales professional willing to embrace the challenge of post presentation reviews.

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