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In recent years the battle lines in business have be tightly drawn as the business landscape continues to become increasingly more competitive and requiring greater levels of creativity, managerial strategy and innovation to survive and hopefully in time, thrive.

The results of this competition are clear to see with data on global trends confirming a staggeringly high mortality rate for new businesses at around the 80% failure rate after 5 years of operation, based not so much on a lack of technical or functional skill related to the product but rather a lack of fundamental marketing and selling skills, required to help understand the market and subsequently how to position the product in a way that will resonate and appeal to the chosen target market audience.

Against this backdrop of intense competition, decreasing levels of customer loyalty, a darkening economic outlook and constantly evolving business technology and methodology,?the arrival of the new Dan & Matt Marketing Program has been specifically developed to address all the major components involved in effectively marketing and selling your organisation, its brands and individual products to it chose market audience.

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