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Matthew Pollard Marketing ExpertMatthew Pollard assists businesses to achieve rapid growth. He excels in sales campaign management and marketing strategy specialising in differentiation and niche marketing. Matthew is also an accomplished sales, marketing and business trainer and public speaker. He has highly developed skills in negotiating, sales scripting, the building of sales and operational systems along with the design and implementation of continuous improvement strategies for bottom line growth.

Matthew began his professional career in 2003 in the telecommunications industry with AC&T as a door-to-door, business-to-business, salesperson. At the time he did not see himself as a naturally gifted salesperson and it took him almost a week and ninety three doors before his first sale. Matthew focused on repetition, analysing what worked and what didn?t to gradually improve his sales process and as a result quickly notched up unparalleled achievements including 3-4 business accounts per day (when the average was 1.8). This success, a major achievement given AC & T?s workforce of over 1000 people, was substantially due to Matthew?s pioneering of a new sales system and bill analysis method.?These new practices were quickly adopted by other sales personnel and soon filtered into every sales encounter across the organisation. With Matthew?s coaching, these became a critical element in AC & T?s successful roll out of a large energy acquisition campaign – a campaign that added an amazing $12 million to AC & T?s bottom line in just the first year. Matthew was promoted to team leader within a few weeks and within just three months became the youngest person, by over 10 years, to be promoted to State Manager.

His daily training and motivation sessions with his team very quickly earned him the title ?Young Anthony Robbins?. This reputation grew not only within AC & T but also among executives from the wider telecommunications industry who visited AC & T in order to experience these session.?Matthew was repeatedly the recipient of numerous monthly National sales awards, such as the?Number One Sales Performer?and the?Number One Cold Caller.?Moreover, he continued to win these personal sales awards even after he was promoted to State Manager. He was also the only person to win the National State Manager Award together with every single personal sales award given out by AC & T in the same month.

Matthew moved on from this position to start his own company, Choice Mobiles. He took the business from zero to a $4 million annual turnover in just three years. The business grew rapidly, to more than 50 staff over four state offices, becoming the largest independent telecommunications dealership in Australia. This success was recognised in 2007 by Melbourne Business Awards who honoured Matthew with their distinguished Young Achiever Award.

In 2008 Matthew commenced working with MFBT Pty Ltd as a consultant, trainer, speaker and eventually, Managing Director. He developed numerous sales and marketing strategies for clients, often assisting with the strategy rollout, writing of sales scripts, the acquisition of key clients and the maintenance of a coordinated marketing message across all departments. One such client was a tiny training organisation, which under Matthew?s vital guidance, enrolled over 3,000 clients in less than three years, which included some of the largest state and national sporting, retail and medical organisations. ?He also developed intuitive funding matrices that simplified the complex government funding schemes that were soon adopted by several other training institutes and apprenticeships centres. During that same period Matthew also negotiated a $16 Million contract for delivery of services over 18 months.

Matthew has also developed completely new and original sales and marketing training programs that he delivered to hundreds of business owners and their sales consultants. These training programs received excellent reviews and resulted in many success stories. Matthew Pollard has also used extracts of his original works to become a published writer, paid speaker and accomplished presenter. Matthew has a number of media publications and/or appearances to his credit including articles ?Getting to a Yes With Sales Scripting in 7 Easy Steps?, Entrepreneur, May 2014 (estimated readership over 1,000,000) and??How To Close That Sale ? Why Is Closing A Sale So Scary?, Business West Magazine,?June 2011, issue 10, pp. 22 (circulation 5,000 Businesses, estimated readership 13,000). Recent interviews include😕?If Sales Can Be Learned?,?Liberty Express Radio – School For Start Ups,?December 2013?(estimated listenership 75,000)?and???Sales Scripting?,?Entrepreneur Podcast Network,?December 2013, (estimated listenership 40,000).

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