Finding the Unmet Need

The Key To Ongoing Marketing Success


Without doubt the most important component of both the marketing planning and the selling processes is the ability to consistently find the customers? unmet need.

In other words to find that aspect or part of the need that despite the availability of rival, competitive options, remains unsatisfied and therefore an area of concern for the customer and importantly, an area of great opportunity for your business.

The unmet need can be broken up into two parts. Namely:

  1. The Recognised Unmet Need which is the part of the need where the individual is consciously aware of the issue and would value the issue being resolved by a provider.
  2. The Unrecognised Unmet Need which occurs when there is a general discomfort with a situation but the customer has not overtly understood what is the underlying, causal issue but rather only sees the general symptoms or outcomes that result from it.

Both of these aspects of unmet needs are major sources of potential business with both existing and prospective customers.

This key seminar will explore all of these concepts in great detail and help you gain greater insight into your customers and prospects needs profile by helping you to identify the overall needs they have and breaking this down into: met needs, recognised unmet needs and unrecognised unmet needs that will form the basis for any future differentiation your business develops within your market.

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