D&M 009 : The 12 Must Do?s To Drive Twitter Business Success


  1. In this session of the Dan and Matt Podcast we discuss the importance of Twitter and give away the 12 Keys to Twitter success. Matthew explains in detail the meaning of #tags for the novice learner and introduces some great scheduling apps; one I?m sure you?ve never heard of. Daniele then down the 140 Twitter character count, introduces URL shorteners and explains why you should only ever use 120 characters for any Tweet. Jam packed with content; make sure you give this one a listen.

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Items mentioned in this Podcast:

1.Twitter -?www.twitter.com

2. MeetEdgar.com?-?http://meetedgar.com

3. Bit.ly?-?https://bitly.com

Show Notes:

With its 300 million active users each month who tweet over 500 million tweets each in and every day in 35 languages, Twitter has become not only the leading micro blog but also one of the indisputable foundation planks for any scalable social media marketing strategy.

Aptly dubbed the ?Pulse of the Planet?, Twitter has undeniably become the most likely source for any form of news to be broken locally, nationally and indeed internationally with its? global reach.

Today?s podcast takes a close look at the key behaviours known to drive higher levels of performance, reach and engagement in what is arguably the most dynamic and talked about digital platform in the world.

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The 12 must do?s:

  1. The importance of a profile picture and an appropriate background image.
  2. The need to keep your tweets to 120 characters or less.
  3. The advantages that URL shorteners offer Twitter users both in terms of minimising space and tracking metrics.
  4. The use of Twitter hashtags to enhance your posts ability to be found.
  5. Why you need to define your Raison D?Etre to outline what you stand for and what followers will learn from you.
  6. How to determine who your ideal target market is based on key criteria, why this group is important and what needs they have that you will help meet.
  7. The need to vary your choice of media selection over time.
  8. How to generate excitement.
  9. Key benefits Twitter Analytics users are likely to derive.
  10. New Twitter apps such as TWperiod.com that further assist your performance
  11. Why Scheduling Apps improve both your efficiency and reputation.
  12. How frequently should you tweet both of your and other people?s material.

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