Demystifying the Sales Process

Why It?s Much Easier than It Looks

Although it has become almost a clich?, it remains true that no one plans to fail but so often they do fail to plan and in an environment that is already so completive and intrinsically stressful for sales people it becomes critical to logically outline what you communication objectives are for the sales call and how they will go about delivering the content during the call.

This approach of designing and writing down the proposed dialog will have several benefits for the sales person.

These include:

  • As part of writing down your sales messages it helps you to see if there are any aspects of the call as you would currently deliver it that do not flow logically and therefore need to be refined.
  • If the wording is to verbose, confusing or just plain boring it will highlight areas that need to be reworked in a more direct, upbeat and appropriate manner.
  • Based on the target audience and their availability, it will help to ensure that your sales call accurately aligns to both the time frames you need to work within and also the specific language that will resonate with members of that group.
  • It allows you to be familiar and focused on what you need to say, when you need to pause and when you need to include high gain questions that will engage your customer further and provide them with the opportunity to share their experiences, concerns, issues and overall set of needs.

This seminar will discuss the area of sales scripting in full and provide you with a guidelines and useful techniques required to do so for your sales staff to maximise their potential to sell effectively.


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