Apply the Principles of Thanksgiving for Your Business

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Each year over 300 million Americans will celebrate the wonderful, annual ritual of Thanksgiving, whereas the name suggests they think about all the good things in their lives and give thanks for them. How simple and how appropriate. It’s sad that in Australia we choose to celebrate Halloween and not the more meaningful Thanksgiving.

But putting that aside, let’s think about this wonderful day of celebration and apply its broadly applicable principles back to your business or product.

Think about your best clients for example. The ones who not only buy from you or deal with you but quite possibly provide you with increasing amounts of work, provide you with testimonials and most importantly through advocacy, go out and tell other businesses about you.

Think hard about what it is you do to thank them over and above doing a good job for the work that you are being contracted to do. I mean honestly, in today’s ultra-competitive markets, excellent and consistent delivery of service, is the absolute minimum and entry level of what a business needs to provide.

If you are now reading this thinking wow we are not doing anything more for our customers other than sending them the bill, then this blog post should resonate and sound a clear warning that just as the 28th of November is the day to give thanks for our families and friends, good health, peace and so on, it is also the time to think about how we can articulate out sincere appreciation to those who allow us to survive and thrive.

Do so and you’ll be celebrating long term success with customer satisfaction and retention levels. Forget to do so and the outcome will surely look a little bleaker. Food for thought.

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